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The majority of the production took place during a six-week course called Expanded Animation II. The main objective was to play and experiment with various optical illusions and spatial paradoxes. To support this idea, we crafted a narrative involving a sleeping boy and three toys, each wandering through distinct dream worlds.

Primarily, I wanted to take on the role of coordinator and compositor, which led me to communicate with the composer, professors, and the organization, the Illuminarium Zürich. Additionally, I animated the character in the middle part and the ending, as well as assisting here and there with cleanup, coloring, and additional animations.

Length: 6 minutes
Technique: Mixed Media (2D Animation, CGI)

Concept and Animation: Pimonwan Poli, Kilian Feusi, Danay Gijzen, Leslie Herzig, Sabine Burchard
Composer: Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi
Sounddesign und Mix: Thomas Gassmann
Mentoring: François Chalet
Production: Jürgen Haas - Lucerne School of Art and Design, BA Animation
Videorecordings: Bonny Orbit (Instagram: @bonny.orbit)

Visit for more information about the event.

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