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The idea of this short film is based on my personal experiences and interactions with people from the fetish community. The film explores topics like shame and prejudice, all the while remaining entertaining and funny to watch. Each of the directors has had different focusses and goals and we combined them in order to create this result.

After pitching the idea, I mainly worked on the storyboard and the animatic, as well as developing the style for our characters. Later, I worked on the animation and the cleanup, specifically on the crowd shots, the montage sequence and the ending, with additional shots/animations here and there. Due to my specialization in sound design I also took on the role of communication with the sound team.

List of previous screenings and awards (a selection):

2022 Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 8. - 13. November (Special Mention)

2022 London International Animation Festival 25. November - 4. Dezember

2023 Solothurner Filmtage 18. - 25. January

2023 Sundance Film Festival 19. - 29. January

2023 Annecy Festival 11. - 17. June

2023 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival 30. June - 8. July
- H. R. Giger "Narcisse" Award for Best Swiss Short Film

2023 Fantoche 5. - 10. September
- High Swiss Risk Award

2023 Ottawa International Animation Festival 20. - 24 September
- Hélène Tanguay Award for Humor

2023 Galician Freaky Film Festival 22. - 23. + 27. - 30. September
- Neuronas Fritas Award

2023 Animasyros International Animation Festival 26. September - 1. October
- Animapride Award

2023 Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival 22. - 29. September
- Audience Award - Best Short Film

2023 Reeling Chicago Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 21. September - October 8.
- Audience Award - Best Experimental or Animated Short

Online Article from IndieWire listing "Pipes" as one of ten must see Shorts at Sundance.

You can click here for more information about the production and the credits.
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